Asset Inspections

Lumen's team of NACE corrosion and coatings inspectors is New Zealand’s largest and most experienced.

Lumen's Asset Inspection services include:

  • Condition assessment.
  • Corrosion Engineering.
  • Coatings inspection.
  • Independent third party inspections.
  • Purchase specification development (paint, coatings, applications, etc.).
  • Site representation.
  • Steel tower member rectification scope development.
  • Paint contracting tender documentation and administration.
  • Technical training and supervision of specialist painting contractors.
  • Maintenance strategy development and asset management planning
  • Transmission asset condition assessment.
  • Project Management.
  • Engineer to contract.
  • Work at heights and rope access.
  • UAV inspections.
  • Cathodic protection systems.
LineTech Inspectors dismantling gantry member to inspect condition.

We have also developed strong alliances with independent companies who provide complementary services, increasing the value to clients, reducing delivery costs, and improving the quality of outputs.