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Energy Audits

Energy Auditing is the main forté of Lumen. We have the technical skills, equipment and experience to provide high quality Energy Audits. We have undertaken Energy Audits for universities, hospitals, office buildings, schools, prisons, commercial laundries, sawmills, open cast and underground mines, food processing plants, MDF plants, cement works, ports and ships, as well as other miscellaneous companies.

Our Energy Audit reports provide:

  • A prioritised list of energy management opportunities for your company to implement (with our help)
  • A summary of historical energy consumption including profiles of when energy is consumed and correlations to weather, production and more
  • Energy balances showing where energy is consumed on site and by what equipment/processes
  • A tariff review to ensure energy charges are correct and that the most cost effective tariff is being used
  • In depth explanations of the energy management opportunities identified on site

With our help, implementation of the report's findings will significantly reduce your energy consumption and costs. Lumen has made a name delivering practical energy audits which can be easily implemented.

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