Energy and Carbon Engineering

LineTech Consulting specialises in providing practical, easily-implemented recommendations for improving energy and utility efficiency.

Through our strong relationships with the supply, distribution, and demand sides of the energy sector, we can guarantee energy and energy distribution savings for our clients.

LineTech's Energy Efficiency services include:

  • Demand response initiatives.
  • Energy auditing to identify savings opportunities.
  • Energy modelling for efficient/comfortable design and optimised capacity.
  • Energy management advice to lock in benefits.
  • Feasibility Studies, including economic evaluation of viability.
  • Monitoring and targeting of energy use.
  • Energy data and Renewable Energy analysis.
  • Energy policy development to ISO50001 .
  • Continuous commissioning and optimisation.
  • Energy Procurement or tendering processes.
  • Thermographic inspections.

In the Energy Efficiency market, we operate under the Enercon brand.