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Hi! We're Lumen

The friendly bunch of experts, helping to design sustainable and practical solutions for a better, brighter future. 

Our journey started way back in 1994 when the New Zealand electricity industry was first privatised. We began as a small group of passionate engineers, focusing solely on transmission lines engineering and asset management.  

Since then, we’ve undergone a series of mergers with some of the best engineering consulting companies in related sectors to give our clients more breadth of services under one roof. We now provide a more comprehensive range of engineering services, but with the same passion and rigour which made us successful to begin with!

In 2019 we decided to rebrand to Lumen. This finally put us all under one name we could all be proud to share. 

What we offer?

We still have our dedicated and long-standing team of experts working with companies on transmission & distribution line design, asset management, as well as physical inspections and protection and maintenance services. 

We now also have a team of civil & structural engineers who work with developers to design efficient and practical new homes, commercial buildings and other civil and structural engineering projects. 

And finally, we work with local businesses & government-owned enterprises to help them become more sustainable by optimising the way they operate and use energy and carbon. ​


Why us?

Our customers love us for our down to earth, no-nonsense approach to consulting & engineering. We are a collaborative bunch of both young and wise. We like to problem solve with our customers along the way. We stick with you through the whole job and work with you as an extended part of your team.

We are 100% employee-owned. We work right across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific, with physical offices in Adelaide, Christchurch and Wellington.

Associations and Partners

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