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LineS Engineering

Finding innovative and practical solutions for connecting, managing and optimising transmission & distribution lines.

We have a long history of designing transmission (110kV-400kV) and distribution (11kV - 110kV) lines for large and small clients across Australasia. Our skilled team of engineers can design new lines, upgrade existing lines, offer technical advice and construction monitoring.


Transmission Line Design

Our team of engineers can tackle any transmission line design project. We excel in solving unusual problems and delivering cost-effective and unique solutions. With our strong asset management expertise,  you can be assured the full life cycle of the asset is considered with any new design. 


Our clients love our unique approach to collaborative problem-solving in order to get to the best and most practical results each time. 


Working with us on transmission line design means you enjoy:

  • End to end engineering solutions.

  • Skilled professional engineers with decades of transmission line experience throughout Australasia.

  • Practical, intelligent designs.

  • Designs that consider the full asset Lifecycle.

  • Cost-effective solutions.

  • An innovative, engineered approach to complex problems or unique situations.


Distribution Line Design

Our practical and hands-on distribution line designers understand the unique requirements of distribution line engineering. We remove unneeded complexity and focus on efficient, functional designs that meet the needs of our clients. Our team are equipped to perform surveying services, meaning we can provide end to end solutions in-house for any distribution design requirement. 


Working with us on distribution line design means you enjoy:


  • Lower life cycle costs by optimising designs

  • Quicker design time-frames and lower construction costs

  • Avoiding risks of like-for-like replacements, thereby complying with modern health & safety requirements

  • Independence from the installation contractors

  • Support from a team of specialist professional engineers

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    Distribution line design. Line design with PLS-CADD and CATAN. Design of new lines including route selection. Upgrades, thermal uprating, and reconductoring of existing lines. Structure and foundation design. Independent design review or verification. Drafting services including: Plan and Profile drawings, electrical clearance diagrams, sag and tension charts, and fabrication drawings. Material schedules. Conductor selection. Earthing design. Earth Potential Rise analysis. Lightning design. Insulation design. Conductor ratings. Purchase specification development. Owner’s Engineer. Construction support. Cost estimation. Engineering Investigations, Innovation, Technology Reviews, and R&D. Design standard development, review and benchmarking. Substation civil and structural design. Constructability reviews. Catastrophic failure analysis

Developer Clearance Checks


If you’re building or carrying out work near powerlines in New Zealand, you must ensure you comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Electrical Code of Practice for Electrical Safe Distances (NZECP34).


Don’t worry. We can help! Our qualified and experienced team can assist scheme development and compliance by providing 3D modelling of lines and proposed structures, and maximum permissible building height contours.


We have strong working relationships with Transpower and other lines companies which means we have access to the latest line models and survey data.


We also have field survey capabilities and can produce engineering reports suitable for submission to Transpower or a lines company for consent.


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David Stevens

New Zealand enquiries

Mobile: +64 27 287 3667

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Brett Barnes

Australia enquiries

Mobile: +61 402 113 047

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