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Step 1

Understanding how much carbon you produce is the first step in lowering your organisation’s emissions.

When we measure your carbon footprint, we're not just thinking about your emissions. We're thinking about your broader business strategy and objectives. And we’re flexible.


We can measure your footprint, then support you to develop an emissions reduction plan and help you deliver it, or we can show you how to measure your own emissions and provide a peer review.

Step 1

Your carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions your business generates in a year.

And with more and more businesses wanting to do the right thing by the planet, measuring and reporting your carbon footprint is the best place to start.  

a grey business carbon footprint with emissions source icons and CO2
Step 2


Your clients, staff and stakeholders have an increasing expectation that you are taking climate change seriously and are taking action to reduce your emissions.


Be proactive and measure your climate impact before you miss out on a contract, tender or before a potential employee chooses to work elsewhere.


With offices in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, and Tauranga we help businesses in NZ measure their greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and identify pragmatic ways to reduce them.


With almost 20 years’ experience in energy efficiency and emissions reduction, we’ve helped more than 50 organisations measure their emissions and saved over $40,000,000 p.a. in energy costs for a variety of institutions since 2004

Step 3



Our team has worked in large corporates and medium-sized businesses across New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Our blend of technical knowledge and business experience means we understand business, and we take a pragmatic approach.


You won’t find us wasting time on the minor stuff, we will focus on identifying the most material issues and opportunities for your business.

We are an accredited provider to the New Zealand carbon-neutral government program, a long-standing member of Carbon and Energy Professionals (CEP) and we have been an EECA partner since 2004.

Step 4
Carbon Neutral Government Programme
Carbon and energy professionals new zealand
energy efficiency and conservation authority
Step 3

Our three Step Process 

  • Kick-off workshop

  • Emissions screening assessment

  • Customised workbook for data collection


Two Weeks

  • Activity data collection

  • Coaching and support

  • Data quality checks


Four Weeks

  • Carbon footprint report (technically a Greenhouse Gas Inventory)

  • Recommended actions

  • Presentation of results

  • Discussion of next steps

Two Weeks

frequently asked questions

How long will measuring our carbon footprint take?

What do we get at the end of measuring our footprint?

Who do we need to put on the project at our end?

What data do we need to collect?

What other services can you offer?

Do you audit or verify Greenhouse Gas Emissions Statements?

We are voluntarily measuring and reporting our emissions - do we need to have our Emissions independently reviewed, audited, or verified?

What’s the difference between an independent review and an independent verification?

What is limited vs reasonable assurance, and which one do I need?

We are mandated to report our emissions and have these independently verified – can you undertake a verification for us?

How comprehensive does our first Measurement need to be?

What are GHG emissions categories?

What is the difference between Scopes and Categories?

Should we Be measuring and reporting our emissions every year?

How much do your services cost?

Measure your carbon footprint with us

We make it quick and easy for you to measure your business carbon footprint. Our services won’t cost the earth, which means you can put your money towards taking action to reduce your climate impact.


Work with our friendly bunch of experts and measure your carbon footprint today.

Find out more


Paul Farrelly

Principal Consultant - Energy & Carbon


Mobile: +64 21 225 7499

  • LinkedIn

George Gray

Principal Consultant - Energy & Carbon


Mobile: +64 27 313 7610

  • LinkedIn
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