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Keeping your assets in pristine condition and protecting them for years to come.

Ensuring you have regular, detailed inspections and a plan for maintenance saves you from potential downtime, and costly and unnecessary replacements. We have the largest team of experienced AMPP (previously known as NACE) certified coatings and corrosion inspectors in New Zealand to help get the job done.


Asset Inspections

Our team of specialised inspectors are located right across the country and help assess the condition of assets such as transmission line towers, bridges (including railway bridges), wind turbines, fuel and storage tankers and more.  

We make use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and specialised drone technology to help, but are specialised, well trained and equipped to be working at heights and tricky places where most “normal people” simply won’t go!

​​Our asset inspection services include: 

  • Condition assessment of existing structures and assets, including coating performance measurement and coating and corrosion failure analysis.

  • Independent third party inspections of coating projects. 

  • Quality assurance audits

  • Cost and time-saving UAV inspections to review asset conditions in real-time, taking high-resolution video and photos from various angles.

  • Asset lifecycle planning and regular inspection plans.

PRotection & Repairs

After initial inspections, we can advise on the state of the assets, and the best protection or repair methods required. We are able to work from initial advisory and project scoping, right through to specifying and writing tenders, and final sign off on any work done. 

Our protection & repairs services include: 

  • Contractor monitoring and management

  • Asset lifecycle planning

  • Quality assurance audits

  • Purchase specification development (coatings, applicator and application options etc).

  • Paint contracting tender documentation and administration. 

  • Engineer to contractor services (project management). 

  • Service provider field support

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Aaron Lines

Manager - Corrosion and Protection

Mobile: +64 27 750 7001

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