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KidsCan is making a real difference by providing 55,000 school kids with nutritious meals each day. They ensure these children are warm and protected against the elements with fleece-lined jackets and comfortable footwear. Essential health items, including hand sanitiser and nit treatment, are part of their support, too. Additionally, each preschooler in the KidsCan program receives a jacket, shoes, socks, health products, and regular healthy meals.

KidsCan is dedicated to providing children in lower decile schools and early childhood centers with the essential tools for learning, thereby working to equalize opportunities so that every child can have the chance to succeed in life. 
You can be part of this mission by joining Lumen and KidsCan in their commitment to giving Kiwi kids a fair start. Through their efforts, KidsCan supports children facing hardships to realise their full potential and pave the way for a more promising future.

Donate to KidsCan.

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KidsCan Supporter 2023
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Trailblazers Logo

Trailblazers is a youth running group which supports underserved, underprivileged, and marginalised tamariki to find strength through connection, find regulation in mindfulness and movement, and to build resilience in all and to promote kindness and inclusion.

Trailblazers use the beauty of trails and the power of sport to build resilience to stress whilst developing social and emotional skills for life.

Learn more about Trailblazers on their Facebook Page, Website, and by watching their Seven Sharp feature.

Trailblazers group photo
trailblazers group photo
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Harbour Kitchens Logo

The Harbour Kitchens cookbook is a vital fundraiser to support the preschool, primary school, and youth facilities of Lyttelton and the northern bays.


Harbor Kitchen collaborated with Lyttelton Primary School parents to create a cookbook compiling the communities best recipes, its talented foodies, the most photogenic locations, and some more cracking stories of local life.

Purchase their cookbook here.

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