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Client Feedback

Step 1

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

At Lumen, client service, relationships, and adaptability are really important to us.

We measure client satisfaction using the "Net Promoter Score" (NPS) framework. NPS measures how likely our clients are to recommend our services to others. 

The score is calculated by asking clients to anonymously answer the simple question:

“On a scale 1 of 10, how likely are you to recommend Lumen’s services to others?”

The responses are categorised as: 'Detractors' (0-6),  'Passives' (7-8), or 'Promoters' (9-10).


The total % of detractors is subtracted from the total % of promoters to produce the NPS.

What is a good NPS?

Perceptive provides some useful information about NPS benchmarking.


The following scores are described as:

  • Above 0 = good 

  • Above 20 = favorable

  • Above 50 = excellent

  • Above 80 = world-class

A 'good NPS' varies between industries and depends on the country a business operates in. As a general guideline, Perceptive suggests that businesses in New Zealand and Australia should aim for an average NPS of 30. For an industry benchmark, in 2022 the average NPS score for business consulting in New Zealand was 33. 

Step 1

Our Net Promoter Score:

Lumen has a 12-month rolling NPS of ~80


We request feedback from every client after completing a job. We remain disciplined in how we request feedback, even when we don't meet our internal standards.

Take a look at our recent client satisfaction survey results:


Lumen's Quarterly NPS Score

Rolling NPS Score
Step 2

Here's some of the comments left by our NPS survey respondents:

"Peter Greenway and the team have provided much needed advice, guidance and support for many years and most importantly, Lumen is a pleasure to work with. Thank you"

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