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Fire protective coating Inspections for a new hotel in Auckland

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The role of intumescent protective coatings used on building steel framework is a key component of building safely. Most manufacturers and suppliers of intumescent coatings, require approved applicators to apply their products and ideally request that independent coating inspectors complete inspections during and after application of coatings.

This is where Lumen stepped in for D & H Steel Construction LTD as part of the Park Hyatt Hotel building project on the Auckland Viaduct during 2018/2019.

D & H Steel Construction Ltd is one of New Zealand’s largest steel fabrication companies and was responsible for providing the steel construction for the new Park Hyatt Hotel. A local blast and paint contractor applied the intumescent coatings.

Lumen was contracted to carry out compliance inspections on the application of the various coatings, specified by the coatings manufacturer for D & H Steel. Various coating systems for internal and exterior finishes were inspected each having different loading schedules for the applied intumescent coating.
Park Hyatt Hotel Building Auckland

We completed the inspections on the fabricated steel members as they were manufactured and passed on to the coating applicators throughout the duration of the job. Some of the coating inspections had to be done in the workshops, others were done on-site (depending on when, where and what coatings were applied).

Three different coatings inspectors from Lumen were involved throughout the building project, with Rob Glover leading the team of inspectors. The project spanned over a total of 18 months.

The Park Hyatt Hotel is now fully up and running. All parties involved can now be assured that all the intumescent coatings used in the hotel will perform the way have been engineered to do!


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