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New Work Exempt from Building Consent

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Low-risk building work, like sleep-outs, sheds, carports, and ground mounted solar panels no longer needs a Building Consent

The Building Act is changing, and more low risk building work will become exempt from Building Consents. This will reduce the costs and timeframes to improve your property. These new exemptions are expected to start at the end of August so now is the time to plan your improvements!

With the guidance and oversight from Lumen’s Team of Chartered Professional Engineers you are allowed (for example):

  • a sleep out, shed, or green house up to 30m2,

  • 40m2 of ground mounted solar panels,

  • Short-span bridges,

  • awnings, verandas, or porches up to 30m2, and

  • single storey pole sheds or hay barns on rural properties.

Even though these structures can be built without a Building Consent, they must still comply with the Building Code. The best way to achieve this is to ensure you are working with Chartered Professional Engineers and Licenced Building Practitioners.

Lumen can meet your civil, structural, fire engineering and architectural drafting requirements. We offer a one-stop service to ensure you are given the safest and most economic design that complies with the Building Code.

  • We believe in getting the foundations right. We conduct our own geotechnical investigations to ensure we understand your site and can provide an economic solution.

  • We believe in sustainability. We minimise materials and have significant in-house energy efficiency experts.

  • We believe in helping you. We are on call at short notice for construction monitoring or advice to your builder.

Talk to one of our experts today,


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