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Our decarbonisation services are divided into four steps. We recognise every business will be at a different stage on their decarbonisation journey so you can start wherever suits.

Our team has been delivering energy and carbon reduction projects with verified results for almost 20 years. We are passionate about decarbonisation and get a huge kick out of seeing our clients succeed with their energy and carbon reduction goals. 

Our Four Step Process 

Step 1

Measure your carbon footprint to understand how much carbon your business generates.

Step 2

Set carbon reduction targets and develop a decarbonisation strategy to achieve them.

Step 3

Carry out detailed studies to analyse the feasibility of specific projects before implementation.

Step 4

Implement projects to reduce carbon emissions with as much or as little support as you need.

Step 1

Step 1: Measure your carbon footprint

The first step is to measure your organisational footprint. We work collaboratively with you to identify your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions sources and coach you through the process of collecting the data needed to calculate your GHG emissions inventory – more commonly known as your carbon footprint.


Your first carbon footprint can take some time, so you can start out by focusing on your direct (Scope 1 and 2) emissions first and then expanding your footprint to incorporate additional indirect (Scope 3) emissions. We can help you to undertake a Scope 3 materiality assessment so that you can identify which emissions are most relevant.  


We work to ISO14064-2018 and the GHG protocol.

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We also have an SME workshop available.

Step 2

Step 2: Develop your decarbonisation strategy

Once you understand your emissions sources, the next step is to develop carbon reduction targets and a decarbonisation strategy to achieve them.

Carbon Reduction Targets
We strongly advocate the adoption of the science-based targets methodology to establish carbon reduction targets that align with global climate goals. However, we also understand the need for flexibility and collaboration with our clients and can develop custom targets that align with business specific circumstances and aspirations.

Decarbonisation Strategy

Our decarbonisation strategy development service is flexible and the level of detail can be adjusted to suit any business. We can develop high-level decarbonisation strategies for all emissions sources through to detailed strategies for specific emissions sources, such as energy or transport.

We use a simple but extremely effective methodology to identify emissions reduction opportunities:

  • Avoid - what activities can be stopped?

  • Reduce - how can activities be done more efficiently?

  • Switch - what lower emissions technologies can be implemented?

We then quantify the emissions reduction potential and costs for each opportunity. This allows us to prioritise the opportunities and create a carbon reduction pathway.

Step 3: Investigate in detail

Once the targets and strategy are in place, there is often a need to investigate some of the opportunities in more detail before committing to implementation. Our detailed investigation services include:

  • Feasibility studies

    • Boiler replacements​

    • Vehicle fleet transitions

    • Renewable power generation

  • Energy audits

  • Water audits

  • Waste audits

  • Building tuning with BMS analytics software

  • Electrical infrastructure forecasts and capacity assessments.

Step 3

Step 4: Deliver


Our project delivery service is flexible and designed to help you implement decarbonisation opportunities with as much or as little input from us as you require. Our services include:

  • Business case development

  • Government funding applications (such as EECA's GIDI Fund)

  • Detailed design for design-tender-build or performance specification for design-build

  • Tendering support and evaluation

  • Project management

  • Construction oversight

  • Commissioning review

  • Measurement and verification (M&V) of savings

  • Full project delivery (all of the above).

Step 4

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Ben Thomson

Manager - Energy & Carbon

Mobile: +64 27 202 6576

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Paul Farrelly

Principal Consultant - Energy & Carbon

Mobile: +64 21 225 7499

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