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Energy & Carbon

Save on energy & protect the future. 

Bringing energy efficiency into the business while reducing carbon not only saves money but helps build a more sustainable future.


We provide all the services to help your business set and achieve your energy and carbon emission reduction goals – whether that's just to save a certain percent next year, or get right down to carbon zero over a few decades. 

Our Four step process

We've divided our services into a four-step process. We recognise each business will be at a different stage of the journey. Some may be just beginning, while others need help fine-tuning and optimising further. We are here to help wherever you may be on the path to becoming a more efficient and sustainable business. 

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Step 1


Assess your current situation and identify, quantify and prioritise opportunities to improve.

Step 2


Set strategic energy & carbon reduction goals to suit your business and plan how to get there.

Step 3


Implement projects to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions with as much or as little support as you need.

Ongoing support to monitor and continuously improve your energy & carbon performance.


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Ben Thomson 

Manager - Energy & Carbon

Mobile: +64 27 202 6576

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